Thursday, July 14, 2011

[News] BLOOD-C Blu-ray/DVD Volume 1

The first volume of BLOOD-C on Blu-ray and DVD will be released September 28th. It will contain 2 episodes. Even though the show is currently airing on Niconico, there is no mention of English subtitles.

The limited edition will contain:
- CLAMP-illustrated jacket & clear case
- Original Drama CD
- CLAMP creation document collection
- Jacket illustration card A (limited)
- Jacket illustration card B (regular)
- Booklet
- Special clip of the BLOOD-C premiere

If you purchase it at certain stores, there are also other extra goods like posters given away.

The first volume of the manga by Ranmaru Kotone will be out July 26th.

DUSTZ's spiral single will be out August 31st and contain an anime sticker.

[credits: BLOOD-C]

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