Friday, August 7, 2009

[Music] Kobato theme songs confirmed +

Maaya Sakamoto's website has been updated with Kobato news. Maaya Sakamoto's opening theme single for Kobato will be released November 11th.

Also, in 2010 Maaya Sakamoto will be celebrating her 15th Anniversary since her debut!

Here's a quick pic of the Maaya Sakamoto and Megumi Nakajima news in Newtype 9.


And for the Gundam x CLAMP fans...
To commemorate Gundam's 30th Anniversary, there will be a Gundam 30th Anniversary Illustration artbook released December 10th (preorder deadline: Sept 30). The book will compile all the special Gundam illustrations that guest artists contributed to Newtype. The 2-volume collection will be a total of 512 pages for 9,450 yen. Of course, CLAMP is one of the artists included.
More info at Newtype.

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