Sunday, October 9, 2016

[News] Tsubasa character and artbooks

The folks @MangaMagJapon tipped me off on twitter about news from Shonen Magazine about the following upcoming Tsubasa books. (Thx to @MangaMagJapan for the scan!!!)

 photo CuXL0i_VUAEwcln.jpg

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Saga - Character Book
- Fact sheets about the characters
- Interview with CLAMP
- Drafts of Tsubasa World Chronicle
- Horitsuba comic not previously included in other books
- Cover illustration & poster not previously published
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Saga - Artbook
- 23 illustrations from Tsubasa World Chronicle
- And illustrations and best scenes from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
- Release Nov 17

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Saga - Guidebook
- History of the story from the Tokyo arc to Nirai-kanai arc
- Trade secrets
- Interview with CLAMP
- Illustrations from other mangaka
- Kinugawa Onsen-hen comic
- Cover illustration & poster will be original new artwork
- Release Dec 16

Will update when more info comes out.

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