Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[Updates] xxxHolic drama cast, CLAMP Festival

Masahiro Higashide has been cast as Doumeki while Karen Miyazaki has been cast as Himawari in the upcoming xxxHolic live-action drama which starts in February.
[More at cinematoday]
The Nagoya CLAMP Festival has announced some of its programming including the following:
CLAMP Talk Show
Original story reading by CLAMP
Special performances by the guest artists
Results of the CLAMP popularity contest
Concert including Suga Shikao, Kotani Kinya, Sakura Tange, Megumi Oogata, Junko Iwao, Mika Kikuchi.

The Festival is coming up this weekend, December 2nd.
[More info at Chinichi's blog.]

New CLAMP Festival goods can be found at the temporary CLAMP SHOP in Mitsukoshi Nagoya.

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