Saturday, September 24, 2011

[Update] CLAMP FESTIVAL 2011 Roundup

So how many of you watched all 12 hours of the CLAMP Festival live streaming? I only endured the first 3 hours and last 2 hours. Tetsu Inada, Iwao Junko, and Naomi Tamura were among the guests that visited Sweety, new pop idol group, while they were MC'ing the stream. There was also another lesser-known idol group, Peace Love?, and someone who was demonstrating ComiPo software. I think someone tweeted that Kotani Kinya also showed up? Feel free to comment about what else was online.

Summary of online activity~


Megumi Nakajima's blog post
Suga Shikao's blog post
Jun Fukuyama's blog post
Sakura Tange's blog post

Check out @clampnews's tweets for a timeline of some of the nico video and retweets from other fans. It might be worth it to note that 'CLAMPフェス' was a trending topic in Japan during the event. :)

There are also a couple fan blogs that have comprehensive summaries of the main events--kntkiwa, underhell, heysari.

And for those who were wanting goods from the Festival, they've already been posted on Yahoo Japan Auctions

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