Thursday, September 22, 2011

[News] CLAMP FESTIVAL Goods and Streaming info

The CLAMP Festival website has updated with images of the new CLAMP merchandise that will be available at the Festival in just a couple days. There's a small image of the CLAFES Official guidebook (with special bag) which has a new CLAMP illustration. The guide will contain interviews with the performing artists. The other goods are your standard clear files, key chains, etc.

There's an official nicovideo link HERE which will stream live on September 24 at 10am (Japan time), (9pm Friday EST) for 12 hours. The video will show the activity on the CLAMP Gakuen stage (not main stage) which will probably show the cosplay event. I expect there to be more behind the scene video, fan activity, and maybe guest interviews rather than actual performances on the nico channel.

The official B2Holic Blythe doll image has been updated at The doll will also be on display at the Festival. Preorders will be taken on their mobile site.

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