Sunday, July 31, 2011

[News] CLAMP -NET (new manga coming our way!)

CLAMP-NET's beginning of August update: Gotta get Newtype 9!!!

In this month's Newtype, there will be a few great CLAMP features:

CLAMP will be illustrating the cover of Newtype with BLOOD-C. Included will be an article featuring the birth of BLOOD-C including Nanase Ohkawa x Director Mizushima interview, and a feature on Nana Mizuki.

And in addition to the special Kobato. feature, there will be breaking news on a BRAND-NEW manga series. There will be some kind of promotional campaign involved.

Newtype 9 is on sale August 10th.

------------and the usual news------------

GATE 7 ~ [JUMP SQ. - monthly chapters]
August 4: Chapter 6
September 4: Chapter 7 (color image included)

BLOOD-C - [weekly anime]
September 28: BR/DVD Volume 1 (LE extra: CLAMP setting guide, video from the premiere)
October 26: BR/DVD Volume 2 (LE extra: OST 1, textless op/ed)
November 23: BR/DVD Volume 3
December 21: BR/DVD Volume 4
January 25: BR/DVD Volume 5
February 22: BR/DVD Volume 6
2012: movie

August 1: In honor of Nobuyuki Fukumoto's 500th chapter of Kaiji, CLAMP has contributed an illustration and note in Young Magazine #35.
August 26: Kobato. Volume 6
August 26: Cardcaptor Sakura movies on Blu-ray
September 6: xxxHolic Postcard Book (will include illustrations from all 19 volumes)
September 24: CLAMP FESTIVAL
September 26: Kobato. Illustrations & Memories
October 26: Tsubasa Chronicle DVD-BOX
November 26: Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2 DVD-BOX
Date unknown: xxxHolic Artbook
Date unknown: Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito (News from Otakon 2011 says the series is coming in 2012)

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