Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[News] GATE 7 being published around the world! (finally)

CLAMP-NET also posted a list of where GATE 7 is and will be published!!! Finally, we get official news!

Countries where it is serialized in a magazine:

South Korea
* "Booking" Magazine (Tsuruyama Culture Company)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

* 新少年快報別冊 Magazine (東立出版)
* January 2011 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

Hong Kong
* 新少年 Magazine (香港東立出版社)
* Series start in April 2011

* Animeland Magazine (Anime Manga Presse)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* March-June 2011 limited time series

Tankouban publication (released summer 2011)

South Korea (鶴山文化社)
Taiwan (東立出版社)
Hong Kong (香港東立出版社)
French (Viz Media Europe)
American (Dark Horse Comics)
Brazil (New Pop)
Germany (EMA)
Spain (NORMA Editorial)

(Information as of April 2011) - if you have more detail about the publication in your country, please comment and I will update the information.

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