Friday, December 17, 2010

[Update] CLAMP @Mobile Fes! 2011

Newtype has more information on the CLAMP exhibition coming up in February with good news for the general public ~

At the Ikebukuro Animate store, 9th floor
February 3-13 - Free admission to everyone
- xxxHolic・Rou Adayume exhibition
- CLAMP exhibit of reproductions
- CLAMP fair merchandise at Animate stores

At the Ikebukuro Amlux Tokyo, 5th floor
for CLAMP@Mobile members (previously posted)
February 5
- CLAMP exhibit of original artwork (GATE 7, xxxHolic, Kobato, Tsubasa)
- Photo opportunity with life-size character cutouts
- Event only merchandise
February 6 - for 200 lottery winners
- Premiere showing of xxxHolic・Rou Adayume
- CLAMP talk show

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