Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 CLAMP Year in Review!

And another year comes to a close.
What did we treat ourselves to this year?
Manga stats:
Kobato. reached Drop 22d and Volume 5.
xxxHolic reached chapter 211 and Volume 18.
GATE 7 premiered with a one-shot teaser chapter.
Another Horitsuba chapter appeared, too.
Anime productions:
Kobato. ended its run on tv and released its final volume on DVD.
xxxHolic・Rou's OAD was released in April.
xxxHolic・Rou Adayume previewed its trailer for next year's OAD.
CLAMP did illustrations for Olympic skater Yui Sakai, Maaya Sakamoto, NHK's Tensai TV-kun, Summer Wars, and more.
CLAMP also designed a couple Blythes for an exhibit and charity auction.
CLAMP opened official twitter accounts.
xxxHolic・Rou Adayume will be coming out in March with Volume 19.
GATE 7 will start its regular serialization in February
The CLAMP@Mobile Fes! will be held in February
Domestic news:
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations & Spring Thunder will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in January.
CLAMP in America will be released in June (or so they say)
More omnibus, regular manga, and anime releases from Dark Horse, Yen Press, Del Rey and FUNimation.

Ah~ Great year and lets look forward to more in 2011~

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