Friday, October 1, 2010


CLAMP-NET's beginning of October update: everything new has been previously mentioned, but here's a summary of what's to come.

Kobato. ~ [Newtype - monthly drops]
~break Oct 9th~
October 16: 2011 Calendar
October 22: DVD Volume 10
November 26: DVD Volume 11
(LE comes with A Day in Bear's Baumkuchen Shop drama CD pt. 4)
December 24: DVD Volume 12

xxxHOLiC ~ [Bessatsu Shonen Magazine - monthly chapters]
~no new scheduling breaks through Nov 9th~
October 13: 2011 Calendar
October 15: Volume 18
October 27: xxxHolic anime DVD Box Part 2
March 2011: Volume 19 (LE also with OAD)
Date unknown: xxxHolic◆Kei anime DVD box set

November 4: GATE7 one-shot in Jump SQ
November: Aoi Tori's Peter Pan with CLAMP illustrations
December 22: Magic Knight Rayearth re-released in a DVD box set
February 2011: CLAMP@MOBILE Fes art exhibit at Ikebukuro
February 2011: CLAMP in America
Date unknown: Mangettes: GATE7
Date unknown: Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito


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