Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[Music] Megumi Nakajima's I Love You


Megumi Nakajima's website has updated with the cover of her first album and full tracklist which includes a song for each month. Both Kobato. ending songs are included. The album will be released June 9th.

    1. Shining on (April)
    2. Raspberry Kiss (May)
    3. Yubisaki no Ame (June)
    4. Sunshine Girl (July)
    5. Sorairo Love Letter (August)
    6. CALL ME (September)
    7. Jellyfish no Kokuhaku (October) Kobato. 1st ed
    8. Be MYSELF (November)
    9. white heart rhythm (December)
    10. Tenshi ni Naritai (January)
    11. Watashi ni Dekiru koto (February) Kobato. 2nd ed
    12. Nostalgia (March)

    first press cd
    1. Lion Ranka ver (From Macross F. New recording)
    2. Seikan Hikou (From Macross F)
    3. Sugao de Fall in Love (From Kampfer. Lantis Release)
    4. After The Heart Rain (From Basquash. PC Release)

    limited dvd edition
    1. Jellyfish no Kokuhaku PV
    2. Sunshine Girl PV
    3. The making videos

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