Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[Review] Kobato. Episode 1

Kobato. 1! A very un-Mary Poppins comes down to earth to heal human hearts as that is her price to get someplace.

+ Dancing Wish bunny-fairies
+/- So-so animation
+ Cute seiyuu cast, cute op/ed/insert songs

Quick impression~ Kobato is an okay manga series. It lacks the amount of cute that I think it should exude. Hopefully the anime production gives us a little more development. Madhouse's anime production could be more consistent as some scenes are nice while others, so 1980's. I was very amused at Fujimoto's Zorro-esque guitar background music. I'm not going to review all the episodes here, but the series has potential as long as the cuteness level gets pumped up to where it should be.

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