Thursday, October 1, 2009


CLAMP-NET's beginning of October update: no new scheduling breaks!

Kobato. ~ [Newtype - monthly drops]
October 6: anime starts
November 11: Maaya Sakamoto's Magic Number single
November 20: Kobato. 2010 calendar
December 25: Kobato. Kotobukiya PVC figure
December 26: Volume 4
~no new breaks~

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- ~ [Shonen Magazine - weekly chapitres]
October 7: last chapter
November 17: Volume 28
November 17: ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS 2

xxxHOLiC ~ [Young Magazine - weekly chapters]
sometime this year?: Volume 16 also with OAD
~break 10/5~

October 6: CLAMP's 'Tensai TV-kun Max' drawing for NHK kid's show, Happy Corner (see previous illustration).
October 10: Newtype 11 with CLAMP illustrated cover, more Kobato news, Code Geass news, CLAMP TRUMP card deck giveaway.
October 26: ALL ABOUT CLAMP book
November 11: CLAMP 2010 calendar
December 10: Gundam 30th Anniversary Illustration artbook with CLAMP contributions

February/March 2010: CLAMP in America
August(?) 2010: Mangettes: Gate 7


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