Monday, September 7, 2009

[News] Kobato. seiyuu and more.


Just wanted to mention that added a new splash. ETA: You can find a magazine scan of this image at moe.imouto. (I'm not sure which magazine it is from). The other news updates have mostly been mentioned before, but...


...From 2ch, we get more seiyuu news from Newtype 10!
Kohaku = Chiwa Saitou
Kiyokazu Fujimoto = Tomoaki Maeno
Sayaka Okiura = Fumiko Orikasa
Chitose Mihara = Houko Kawashima
Kazuto/Kazumasu(?) Okiura(沖浦和斗) = Shinichiro Miki

Notes: Did we ever get debt collector's full name before? Please correct my romanization. I think the 2ch list might've listed Tomoaki's name incorrectly. I'll correct it when we get confirmation/better scan.


And from a preview of next month's Newtype, there looks to be like a CLAMP TRUMP playing card giveaway and Code Geass

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