Monday, August 10, 2009


A couple news items were added at CLAMP-NET.

September 29: CLAMP will be illustrating the cover of Asano Atsuko's Kamigami no utatane [神々の午睡(かみがみのうたたね)] book. CLAMP previously illustrated a couple chapters of this series which ran in Animedia, and these drawings will also be a part of the 272 page book.

November 20: The previously mentioned Kobato. calendar was added to CLAMP-NET. 13 illustrations in a B5 desktop calendar for 2,100 yen.

More info on the Kobato figure can be found at amiami and hobbystock along with more images.
It will be released in December for 5,040 yen.

ETA: And a quick mention since there was some interest in the Kobato PVC figure.
Preorder at with release date of December 25th. Merry Xmas.

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