Tuesday, June 30, 2009


CLAMP-NET's beginning of July update: TRC and xxxHolic manga chapters will be out next week, then the rest of the month doesn't look too hot. On their message board, CLAMP says that they are heading to the airport for Paris!

Kobato. ~ [Newtype - monthly drops]
Fall 2009: anime starts (also featuring Wish characters!!!)
~no new breaks~

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- ~ [Shonen Magazine - weekly chapitres]
~break 7/15, 7/22~

xxxHOLiC ~ [Young Magazine - weekly chapters]
sometime this year?: Volume 16 also with OAD
~break 7/13, 7/18~

July 2-5: CLAMP at Paris' Japan Expo
July 3-Sept 29: CLAMP exhibit at Paris-Bibilotheques.
July 10: Newtype 8 with Kobato. anime article featuring an interview with Ohkawa Nanase and new CLAMP illustration. The Kobato anime will also feature Wish characters.
August: CLAMP@MOBiLE update (a delay from their earlier 7/1 release)

August 26: New edition of Wish 1 & 2
sometime this year?: Mangettes: Gate 7
2010?: CLAMP in America


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