Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[Update] Vogue Nippon 7 - Karl Lagerfeld x CLAMP T-shirt

The contents of Vogue Nippon's Special manga-centric issue has been updated. To celebrate Vogue Nippon's 10th Anniversary, there will be limited edition T-shirts on sale at the "VOGUE NIPPON x Comme des Garçons MAGAZINE ALIVE" shop. Seven fashion icons and seven mangaka will collaborate in the designs.

Karl Lagerfeld × CLAMP
Mark Jacobs × Egawa Tatsuya
John Gagliano × Moto Hagio
Versace x Monkey Punch
Eddie Suliman × Yamato Waki
Gisele Bündchen × Makimura Satoru
Coco Rocha × Peachpit

Prices will run 15,750 yen (women's) & 16,275 yen(men's). Here's the flyer ad and there is more info at this post's links.

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