Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[Preview] Dark Horse's Clover Omnibus


Since this has been out-of-print in the USA awhile, this release is welcome news for many of us.

Dark Horse's Clover Omnibus combines all 4 volumes into one fat softcover book. The dimensions are exactly the same as the original AND it is not flipped as TP's version had been.


I'm not going to scan any of this since 1. All of the color illustrations have been included in CLAMP's North Side artbook or with the original manga 2. All of those images were nicely scanned, and are roaming around the internet already. 3. Plus, it's an inexpensive book.

Criticisms? I haven't read through it thoroughly yet, but the translator in this book is the same as in TP's book credits, but I think DH used their own editor. A glitch I did notice was that pages 245-251 are duplicated in my book. Y'know, a hardback book would have been nice with a book this size. Reasons to pick up this book are 1. It's Clover unflipped in english with nicer fonts on nicer paper; 2. It contains all those illustrations (27 illustrations); 3. Four volumes for a great price via Amazon.com.

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