Friday, December 9, 2011

[Shop] 2011 CLAMP Holiday Gift Guide

A 2011 CLAMP Holiday Gift Guide for your mid-December shopping needs:

The intended recipient is not yet a CLAMP fan and you really want to make them a rabid, drooling fan:
X Volume 1: Viz's 3-in-1 version will get them introduced to a classic action-packed, bishie-filled world in a beautiful, meaty book complete with colored illustrations.
GATE 7 Volume 1: Dark Horse gets us into CLAMP's newest work full of eye-candy and mystery

The intended recipient is already a CLAMP fan, but hasn't been shopping yet:
Kobato. Volume 5: Yen Press continues Kobato's heart-healing journey almost at a close.
xxxHolic Volume 18: Del Rey brings us...well, look at that lovely cover! Not sure what part of the story is inside, but I want to eat Watanuki up.
CLAMP School Detectives: Complete Collection: For around $25 or less, you can own a classic title that still entertains, and makes you squee at the cute short shorts.
Chobits: The Complete Series: For under $20, you can get this classic anime on Blu-ray. It is still considered one of CLAMP's best manga-to-anime works.

The intended recipient can actually read Japanese:
RG Veda (CLAMP Classic Collection) Volume 1: Back to the time where violence and unique characters run amuck together.
Gate 7 Volume 2: Another book to buy for the pretty cover and pretty insides.

The intended recipient is someone you really want to spoil:
Kobato. Illustrations & Memories: the only actual artbook CLAMP released in 2011 full of 'pink', flowery illustrations.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Lelouch Figure: is out this December. He commands you to buy him.

Even more:
New editions of Gohou Drug Volumes 1-3 were released in Japan.
Kobato. anime series was released in two DVD collections.

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